Finally, The Rain


So, This is it

It Rains….It Stops…It Rains Again and It Stops…What if it Rains and it rains again but does not stop….It is the Monsops…
Monsops take away everything.Everything…….Every Ten Years our city suffers ……But we the residents of Vandorim have become used to this………We have…
But this time it was more than just the Monsops the residents of Vandorim were facing, more than just the thunder, more than just the lightning and more than just the rain. Someone was out there in The Rain……….Someone…..Someone who was unknown…Someone who came with thunder in the Rain but did not go along with the thunder in the Rain. There were shrieks & cries for help…for the help which never arrived on time and which never will arrive as there was only Rain…… The peaceful city of Vandorim had turned into a horrifying story of murders and no one knew anything. There was no answer but just the loudness in The Rain….. Even the legendary Chief Inspector Lee was clueless. The Police Chief was helpless and only helpless in The Rain.People were scared……
It was Raining…..But it Just More than Rain

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