The Real Story We All Face

I don’t remember where I heard this story/lesson or who told me this story/lesson but it is worth learning and remembering.

One day a painter decided to make his masterpiece. After putting in a lot of work he was able to complete the painting. Now, since this was his masterpiece he wanted opinion of others. So the painter took out his painting on the street and kept it there with a note asking about mistakes in the painting and a pack of pins.Next day when the painter returned he found his painting had pins all over. The painter felt very bad about it.

The painter had an idea. He painted the same painting again and placed it at the same place with a note and a set of pins. Next day when the painter returned the painting was untouched.

But , how could that be?

The note said,” Please see the painting and if you find a mistake in the painting please correct the mistake”

The lesson is, it is very easy to point mistakes in other’s work. If you find a problem come with a solution and correct the mistake.