Mystery & Suspense in Horror

“Horror -This Creates a Bone Chilling effect and one feels the shivers”

A Random Plot

A Pond with Crystal Clear Water
The Water is So Clear that You can see the bottom and You can See your own refelction

A family shifts to the country side from the side
Family’s only child is an 8 year boy
The boy is very naughty

As soon the family reaches the house, the kid runs towards the pond
He stops, looks back towards his mom and dad and turns back his head goes into the pond
As he is standing and the pond and is looking down into the water
H is able to see his face in water
A face appears
An unknown face
As the 8 year old was bending and about to touch the unknown face

The Boy’s Mom & Dad Call for him
Mom approaches towards the pond
the 8 year old boy comes out of the pond
Holds his mom’s Hand

As they start to move towards the home
The Mom hears some whistling
She looks around but nobody is there

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