Chapter …Starting Plot

You are Sleeping…

The Telephone Besides You Rings

You wake Up
Pick Up The Phone
Say Hello

No Answer…

You keep back the phone’s receiver
You are very tired
You Go Back to Sleep Again

The Phone Rings Again
You Hurriedly Pick Up the Phone
Say Hello
A Sound of Hisssss…

You Feel Uneasy after Hearing the Sound
You Get up from your bed
You Go to the Washroom
Open The Tap
Bend Down
Wash your Face

You Stand Up
Look in the Mirror
You Fall Down

You are No More
You are Dead…

Excerpts… Chapter Clairvoyant

“Come on in”

“Morning SD how are you?”

“I am fine chief, you wanted to see me”

“Yes SD, I did call you. I know you are stuck with your case and it is heading nowhere. This case is perplexing for all of us. I have brought in someone, who I believe can help you”

“SD, meet Anshi and Anshi meet SD”

“Chief, I know who she is, people call her the clairvoiyant, but I am sorry, I don’t believe in all the stuff she does”

“Anshi, SD doesn’t seem to like you”

Anshi smiled, “Chief Rob I know people don’t believe in me, initially”

“SD is the best we have Anshi”

“Chief Rob, I know who SD is, I have read about him in the papers, Sam Dwen aka SD. He is your top detective, he has cracked every case he has got”

Chief looked at his watch, “You guys talk to each other, be friends with each other, I will be back in some time”

“SD we haven’t officially greeted each other, it was a cold start, so let’s shake hands first. Your chief called me in to assist you”

“So, Hey! I am Anshi”

SD and Anshi shook hands

“It was not your fault”

“What?”, said SD

“She didn’t die because of you, it was meant to happen, you couldn’t have stopped. You should sleep at night SD”

“What are you talking about Anshi?”

“Your daughter SD, stop blaming yourself for what happened”